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<I>Signs</I> Street Date Violations Rampant

6 Jan, 2003 By: Editorial Staff

Blockbuster stores across the U.S. broke street date for Buena Vista Home Entertainment's Signs starting as early as last Friday, Jan. 3, (the title's street date is Jan. 7), according to numerous posts on the VSDA's discussion board and an informal survey of Blockbuster stores by Video Store Magazine.

Retailers in Illinois, Texas, Colorado, California, Washington, Wisconsin, and Missouri reported seeing Signs for sale and rent in local Blockbuster stores. Indie retailers who contacted local Blockbuster stories said copies were put out early because of other stores in their area having the title out already.

Some blamed Wal-Mart, but retailers in those areas who checked their local Wal-Mart stores found the title unavailable. A Video Store reporter did see the title available on a Disney standee at a Sav-On drug store as early as Jan. 2.

“I imagine the Disney/[Blockbuster] legal fracas is at the root of it — power struttin' by BB!” wrote one retailer, echoing the supposition of several retailers on the discussion board.

Blockbuster and Buena Vista executives did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Snitch off street date violators! Report violators you've observed here!

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