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<I>Rings</I> Winning Wizards' Duel?

24 Aug, 2002 By: Jessica Wolf

Reports of record sales for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring are coming in from around the globe.

In the United Kingdom, first-day sales were 1.27 million units, edging above Harry Potter's record of 1.25 million, according to British trade magazine View. According to The Hollywood Reporter, first-week combined VHS and DVD sales of Fellowship hover at 2.4 million copies in the U.K., beating Titanic's previous record of 1.8 million units.

First-day Fellowship records rang across other parts of Europe as well. Warner reported a first-day record of 1 million VHS and DVD units sold across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In New Zealand, home of director Peter Jackson and the shooting location for the film, distributor Roadshow Entertainment tallied record five-day sales of 130,000 VHS units and 85,000 DVD units, beating previous record-holder The Lion King, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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