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iPhone Could Ring in Strong in June, Study Finds

19 Apr, 2007 By: Jessica Wolf

Only about a third of the overall market is interested in a multifunctional, high-concept device such as Apple's iPhone, set to arrive in June, according to a consumer survey by Harris Interactive Technology Practice.

The pricey iPhone features a bevy of bonuses over simple cellular service (which is, at launch, exclusive to AT&T/Cingular) including a 4GB or 8GB hard disk, a slick user interface with wireless functionality, widescreen video, video email, a QWERTY keyboard and more.

Still, 47% of Harris survey respondents said they were aware of the product and 17% expressed an interest in buying it.

Only 9% of those “interested” buyers said they would grab an iPhone at launch. About 17% said they will wait for their current wireless plans to expire before switching to the iPhone, while 25% said they would purchase it when their existing carrier offers it.

Price is definitely a chilling factor, according to the survey. Faced with $499 and $599-priced models, 40% of the survey respondents said they intend to wait until prices come down to purchase an iPhone.

When it comes to features in the gadget-laden phone, 37% said they were excited by large storage capacity, implying that a large part of the appeal for the device is in its iPod-like music and video playback features, according to the study. The “cool” user interface was appealing to 31% of survey respondents.

“Apple's new iPhone has shaken the industry to its core,” said Joseph Porus, VP of Harris Interactive Technology Practice. “Look for strong sales and a new cult to develop around iPhone. Also expect increased orders for midnight oil as competitors scramble to play catch-up.”

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