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Invasion of <I>Star Wars</I> Wares

2 May, 2002 By: Jessica Wolf

Forget May 16, the “clones” are already attacking. It started in March with New Line's Life as a House release, the DVDs stamped with a blue sticker: “Featuring Hayden Christiansen, from the upcoming Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones.”

In just the past two weeks, retailers, booksellers especially, have been invaded by Clones product with Episode II hardcover and paperback books, Jedi journals, Queen Amidala paper doll sets, etc., littering stores ad nauseam.

While any and every retailer will surely be mining the merchandising gold of this cash-cow franchise for at least a year, some are getting more of the haul than others.

Suncoast will carry exclusive Star Wars memorabilia, including a limited-edition, leatherbound novel of Attack of the Clones signed by the author. Only 500 of these books were printed for Suncoast to sell at $150 each. It's likely many will be snatched up at this weekend's Star Wars Celebration in Indianapolis, where Suncoast was on hand selling them and its exclusive limited-edition Jedi Cubicards -- hologram trading cards that retail for $7.99.

Kmart's also getting the goods for Star Wars fans. Throughout May, customers who buy any official Star Wars product from Kmart or its Web site, Bluelight.com, will get an exclusive collector's scratch-and-win card. Kmart stores also will be raffling off a Star Wars standee at locations nationwide. Drawings will be held at the end of May. And, exclusively at Bluelight.com, anyone who buys Star Wars LEGO products will get a free Attack of the Clones movie poster.

Not to be left out, Toys ‘R' Us stores are already sporting full aisles of Star Wars toys.

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