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Interview: Harrison Ford

By Craig Modderno | Posted: 08 Mar 2008

Harrison Ford reprises his role as Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the third summer sequel to his huge hit Raiders of the Lost Ark, hitting theaters May 22.

HM: What can we expect in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

Ford: A definite connection to the previous pictures with actors and dialogue references, but it would be unfair to audiences for me to be more specific. There will, however, be references that my character has definitely aged since the last movie.

HM: Let's talk about another famous franchise of yours, the “Star Wars” trilogy. You once told me prior to its release that “Star Wars” would either be the biggest hit film of all time or you'd be too embarrassed to leave your house. What was that remark based on?

Ford: The movie was so strange to make. I was running around in tights for three months acting with a nearly seven-foot-tall man in some kind of dog suit on a freezing sound stage in London. Mark [Hamill] and I had a bet each day as to who had the worst dialogue. Whenever we would ask [director George] Lucas what we were shooting at or fleeing from he'd just tell us the special effects will be put in much later and that will explain everything. George will never be known as an actor's director.

HM: What's your defining “Star Wars” memory?

Ford: The day my accountant convinced me that the success of the film and the two sequels that I was in meant I would never be poor again. It was a very Scarlett O'Hara moment considering prior to that I was making more of a living as a carpenter than an actor.

HM: What's your favorite film you were in that wasn't a big hit?

Ford: The Mosquito Coast. Peter Weir did an excellent job directing a superb cast that included Helen Mirren and River Phoenix. The themes of the film were unique and vital. … That film and Witness, which Peter also directed, are my two favorite performances. Both films are well worth seeing now.

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