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Ingram Looks For Its Place In the Sun

30 Jan, 2002 By: Jessica Wolf

Ingram Entertainment enters a new era of home entertainment distribution this year with the recent inclusion of tanning lotion on its list of products available to video retailers. Beginning Feb. 1 the distributor will be taking orders for the Bare Necessities Indoor Tanning Lotion line. They will be the exclusive distributor of the tanning product the Video Buyers Group created specially for video/tanning retailers.

In a statement from the Video Buyers Group, president Ted Engen said the goal is to brand the Bare Necessities line as specific to the video industry and one of the best ways to do that was to team up with distributor Ingram.

Ingram VP of sales John Reding stated although Ingram does not have exact numbers on how many of its participating retailers also own tanning ventures, the company feels the number is "significant."

"Our expertise is not in selling indoor tanning lotions," Reding said. "It is, however, our business to service our accounts' needs and offer benefits that might be a little bit out of the norm…Within the Video Buyers Group alone, which we service, there is enough account base to warrant our involvement. Factor in the potential benefit for this type of retailer and we believe the outcome for everyone involved will be positive."

Over the past year and a half, participating retailers from the Video Buyers Group have helped in all phases of research and development of the Bare Necessities tanning line, Engen said in the retailer group's announcement.

"Gathering customer feedback, product testing, developing marketing strategies and sharing ideas and information by these retailers was part of the project since its beginning," Engen said. "Video/tanning retailers do have advantages that are unique and different from pure tanning salons. By having retailers involved with the Bare Necessities from the very beginning adds to these advantages and helps to enhance our segment of the tanning industry."

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