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Indies Ink With Amazon

1 Jul, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

The Independent Online Distributors Alliance (IODA) has inked a deal with Amazon, allowing IODA's films and music to be distributed via the digital download service Amazon Unbox and Amazon-owned CreateSpace.

“Demand for independent film content continues to grow, and we are excited to offer people access to the thousands of hours of high quality indie video content we distribute through Amazon,” said IODA founder and CEO Kevin Arnold. “IODA's catalog of indie content is also a perfect fit for CreateSpace, which makes DVD production and sales not only logistically possible but also potentially lucrative for the indie film rightsholder.”

IODA has also reached digital distribution agreements with three new independent film companies: Arab Film Distribution, NCircle and Indie Rights.

“The number of people who are now using the Internet to discover, share and enjoy movies online has magnified the word-of-mouth effect for the indie film industry,” Arnold said. “Adding such a well-known, large retailer like Amazon to our distribution network will make it even easier for the indie film and video makers IODA works with to develop their fan bases worldwide.”

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