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<i>Jay and Silent Bob&#39;s</i> Creator Plots DVDs

4 Jan, 2002 By: Fred Topel

Kevin Smith has created loaded DVD special editions for all of his films and TV series, and his upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back DVD will be no exception. Smith's farewell film to the characters who have appeared in all of his movies streets Feb. 26 (prebook Jan. 15) with a commentary track, more than an hour of deleted scenes, outtakes and gags, some featurettes, a Comedy Central special and more. One thing it won't have, however, is animated menus. They are a pet peeve of Smith's.

"Buena Vista Home Entertainment was proposing full, completely brand new footage-shot, animated menus for the Jay and Bob DVD and I declined completely," Smith says. "They were going to dress us up like Bluntman and Chronic and have us flying around. I can't stand animated menus myself and I know a lot of people don't like them…. They just prevent you from watching the movie or the features sooner. Sometimes you have to wait until the whole thing cycles. So, I opted against and they just put together very simple menus."

In a section called "Secret Stash," Smith has included deleted scenes, outtakes and a gag reel. The deleted scenes will include footage from the film leading up to the scenes that were cut. Among these scenes will be "the alternate cut of the Scooby Doo scene, which is a little different than what's in the movie, far more racy, a lot more tasteless," Smith says.

Smith promises his most intimate commentary track, with only himself, producer Scott Mosier and co-star Jason Mewes, their smallest commentary group yet. "Ben [Affleck] and Jason [Lee] weren't really involved in the movie that much and they had tons of stuff to do aside from our commentaries," Smith says.

The Jay and Silent Bob material will find its way into future Kevin Smith DVDs as well, as a documentary project by Jennifer Schwalbach Smith and Malcolm Ingram was too daunting to finish in time for Feb 26. With 80 hours of footage recorded on the set of Strike Back, Smith plans to produce that documentary for inclusion on his proposed Clerks: 10th Anniversary DVD in 2004.

"Basically, the Clerks movie would kind of be incidental," Smith says. "The big feature, the big draw will be that the commentary track will include everybody from the movie. Last time out we didn't have Jeff [Anderson] there or Lisa [Spoonhauer] or Marilyn [Ghigliotti], but this time we'll have everybody: Brian [O'Halloran], Jeff, Lisa, Marilyn, myself, Mewes and Mosier. Then the bigger draw even than that is the documentary which we're hoping is like four or five hours long."

The documentary for Smith's 1999 film, Dogma, will also find a home on another film's DVD. Bryan Johnson's Vulgar will be in theaters in early 2002, and its DVD release will include the documentary Judge Not: In Defense of Dogma, the feature that Columbia cut out of the Dogma Special Edition DVD.

"It wasn't so much Columbia's call as it was the deal that Columbia made with Disney when they picked up the home video rights after Disney divested itself of the film," Smith explains. "Part of the deal was that on the commentary tracks we couldn't mention Disney, mention anyone who worked at Disney. I think that was it. So, if you listen to the commentary track on Dogma…we had to bleep out names. The documentary tells the story of the movie and it didn't attack anybody at all. It just tells the story of what happened to the movie before it came out. You can't really tell that story without mentioning names, without mentioning Disney and the documentary had a lot of that in it so Disney told Columbia TriStar they didn't want it on there."

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