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IGN Unveils Game Evaluation Site

9 Mar, 2004 By: John Gaudiosi

IGN Entertainment, home to IGN.com, which boasts more than 15 million unique visitors, is the latest Web site to launch a video game tracking service for consumers that offers valuable data to rental and retail outlets as well.

IGN's GameStats.com provides daily popularity and review statistics for more than 23,000 games, both released and unreleased.

The searchable archive has information and media for games spanning more than 80 different platforms, with descriptions, release dates, cheats, walkthroughs, screenshots, movies, company data and more. The service also tracks review scores from major online and print publications from around the world and adds in reader opinion to generate a final GameStats.com Score (GSS). The site compiles data from wish list and collection list activity; e-mail requests; message board activity; article, walkthrough and cheat code page views into a number between 0 and 100 to generate the Game Popularity Metric (GPM). This daily changing number shows how popular each game is at that moment in terms of expressed buzz, desire to play the game, awareness and post-release activity.

“GameStats.com is a necessity for anyone looking for straight and objective views on any video game,” said Peer Schneider, network director of IGN.com.

IGN's chief competitor in the online games space, CNET-owned GameSpot.com, launched its own detailed video game stat tracking system, GameSpot Trax, more than a year ago. The service tracks more than 7,500 games in more than 20 categories. GameSpot.com, which provides game content for AOL, has a database of more than 1.6 million registered gamers that it uses to predict how well a game will do when it hits store shelves. Currently a free service, GameSpot Trax will switch to a pay service this spring.

Another free alternative is Gamerankings.com, which tracks previews, news and reviews, both online and in print, for thousands of games.

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