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Iger: Disney Embracing New Technology

9 Jan, 2007 By: Stephanie Prange

LAS VEGAS — Disney characters such as the famous Jack Sparrow will sail smoothly through the changing seas of entertainment delivery, said Walt Disney Co. president and CEO Bob Iger in his keynote speech Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show.

“In a crowded visual world, trust is important,” he said, adding Disney content and characters are something consumers can hold onto in the confusing world of online entertainment.

He said Disney was committed to bringing timeless characters and content to the timeliness of new avenues of delivery. He added convenience and pricing were key, and Disney would work to make sure its content was well-timed and well-priced.

Stopping off at the show before heading off to the set of Pirates of the Caribbean 3, producer Jerry Bruckheimer told attendees producers would have to work even harder to make content shine as new technology takes off.

“Blu-ray is a theater experience,” he told the crowd, giving a pitch for the Blu-ray Disc high-definition format supported by Disney. He also stopped by at the annual awards given by DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group to accept the top theatrical DVD of 2006 honor for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Iger greeted stars Evangeline Lilly and Matthew Fox from the TV series “Lost,” who commented on how new technology is shaping their show.

The producers go online to see what fans would like the characters to do on the show, Lilly said.

Iger also highlighted the new Disney.com site, which promises to bring Disney content to consumers on the Web in new and interactive ways. Consumers will be able to download video and personalize the site. Through a new feature designed for multi-tasking kids, users can interact with other site visitors and create their own content profile.

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