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<I>Dragon, Dragon,</I> Who&#39;s Got the <I>Dragon?</I>

10 Apr, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

One week after street, Universal Studios Home Video's Red Dragon still had a strong presence in video sections at three Costa Mesa, Calif., retailers. But, while there were plenty of widescreen or full-frame versions of the single-disc collector's edition Red Dragon, only the Best Buy visited last week offered the pricier, features-laden two-disc “director's edition” Red Dragon DVD. Both streeted April 1.

At Best Buy, copies of the two-disc version, at $29.99, filled about 80 percent of a large store merchandiser; the rest of the slots were taken up by the single-disc version. A clerk said the double-disc was selling fairly well, though the widescreen single-disc seemed most popular with shoppers.

At nearby Target and Wal-Mart locations, however, there were no copies of the double-disc Dragon anywhere to be found in video racks. A Target clerk shrugged and pointed at a selection of the single-disc version and said, “That's what we have.” The title is available at Walmart.com for $26.12.

Meanwhile, the 8 Mile DVD also continued to get strong play at retail locations last week. In an almost unprecedented merchandising incident, this Target location dedicated an entire endcap to copies of the hit DVD.

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