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<i>Die Another Day</i> DVD Ships Record Units for MGM

4 Jun, 2003 By: Joan Villa

The latest James Bond thriller Die Another Day has broken records for MGM Home Entertainment, shipping 16 million special edition DVDs worldwide.

Domestic disc shipments were 50 percent of the total, the studio reported.

A rental-priced VHS was also released this week domestically, shipping another 1 million units, according to the studio.

“Because this is primarily a strong DVD title, that's the number we're focusing on,” said Julia Simmons, executive director of marketing.

MGM put Die Another Day into all European markets ahead of the United States, except Italy, where the DVD arrives this week, she said. Although titles are often released in foreign markets simultaneously or later than the United States, MGM believed June 3 was “an extremely strong date from a competitive standpoint,” while European markets had different considerations, she said.

For now, Europe's results have bolstered MGM's confidence that the DVD will sell through to consumers in the States.

“Sell-off of Die Another Day product released in numerous European markets has been extraordinarily strong, and we expect the same results domestically and in other foreign territories,” said MGM Home Entertainment president and COO David Bishop. “The Bond films have always been a tremendous hit with consumers and given the highly anticipated arrival of this special edition DVD, we are confident the title will fly off shelves at retail.”

The studio has developed account-specific marketing programs with major retailers to ensure sell-off, Simmons said. Plus, “a very large media campaign” backed by promotional partners and MGM will advertise Die Another Day through Father's Day, Simmons said.

“We feel very confident with the number we shipped,” she said. “Early sales indicate it was just the right number.”

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