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IDC Survey: Online Gaming Buzz Expanding With Broadband

21 Aug, 2001 By: Hive News

Gamers are becoming increasingly interested in using their next-generation video game consoles for online gaming, according to market research firm IDC's recently completed Videogame Consumer Survey.

According to IDC's survey, 60% of gaming households showed high interest levels in online gaming. That number increased to 65% among PS2 households. Additionally, the ability to download games from the Internet was of high interest among 76% of respondents.

"The availability and adoption of broadband in U.S. households is definitely influencing online gaming," said Schelley Olhava, IDCsenior analyst, consumer devices and gaming research."Broadband households have much higher interest levels in online gaming activities and are prime targets for an array of gaming options and services."

Although only 6.5% of video game households have broadband access, that penetration will continueto grow, according to the IDC survey, which bodes well for next-generation consoles that are basing online gaming efforts on broadband communication.

The survey also revealed a changing face of the video game user. Although young men remain the majority of gamers, young women are also working gaming time into their entertainment schedules.

According to the survey results, a relatively high proportion of female teenagers are primary playerson key platforms such as Sony's PS2 (9.1%) and the Sega Dreamcast (11.4%). Unlike their more excitement-driven male counterparts, the female gamer prefers classic arcade and city/business simulation games.

Highlights of additional survey findings include:

-- Gamers purchase an average of 1.4 new games per month.

-- About one third of gamers read gaming magazines (the most popular magazine cited was GamePro).

-- Over 35% of gamers purchased at least one peripheral over the past six months.

-- Advertising outweighs the influence of word-of-mouth.

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