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<I>BloodRayne</I> Game Franchise Will Be Following Others to Movie Theaters

13 Sep, 2003 By: David Ward

Hoping to imitate the big-screen success of Resident Evil and the Tomb Raider films, game publisher Majesco announced its hit horror/action adventure game BloodRayne will be made into a movie tentatively set for a holiday 2004 release.

The German production company Vierte Boll Kino Beteiligungs-GMbH & Co. KG (Boll Kg) purchased the license and indicated the live-action film, set to be produced by Shawn Williamson (White Noise), will be budgeted at about $30 million.

Boll Kg is intent on carving out a niche in adapting games for the big screen, having already produced the upcoming House of the Dead. It's also shooting an adaptation of Alone in the Dark, with Christian Slater, Tara Reid and Stephen Dorff.

“We think BloodRayne is a dynamic, compelling antihero and a contemporary, smart standard-bearer for the genre,” Boll Kg executive producer/director Dr. Uwe Boll said in a statement announcing the deal. “We look forward to bringing her -- and the game -- to life on film.”

While not a blockbuster of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City proportions, BloodRayne has been a solid hit since its release late last year, selling more than 500,000 units across the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube platforms. A PC version recently arrived on shelves as well.

The game's titular heroine is a buxom “dhampir,” someone with all the powers of a vampire with none of the weaknesses. In BloodRayne, she goes after Nazis intent on raising supernatural monsters.

Majesco marketing VP Ken Gold said a game sequel is already in development and will likely hit shelves around October 2004 -- the same time the film is scheduled to reach theaters.

Majesco developed the game with the hope it would be ported to other mediums, but Gold stressed that Boll Kg approached Majesco with the offer to turn the sexy lead character BloodRayne into a movie.

And while he's confident the film will attract a huge audience among both horror fans as well as gamers, Gold said the movie will help the BloodRayne game franchise regardless of its ultimate box office performance.

“It's definitely beneficial to the game in that the two will feed off of each other,” he said. “The buzz and marketing surrounding the movie release will enable us to reach a wider audience overall, especially when it comes to getting people who like the movie to get interested in the game.” He added Majesco won't stop with movies either, suggesting the company is also entertaining offers to make a BloodRayne animated TV series.

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