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<I>Angels</I> Helmer Does DVD Play-by-Play

17 Oct, 2003 By: Fred Topel

Plans for the Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle DVD were in place before the film even hit theaters, but the one extra feature that cannot be planned is the director's commentary. When McG sat alone in a recording studio watching the film, he packed his director's track with as many stories as he could remember.

“Like anybody, I hate the sound of my own voice and you feel a little weird,” McG said. “But you have so much on your mind when you make a movie, it's really easy to get in front of it and just start talking about it. At least it comes naturally for me.”

Adding to the fun of the commentary, McG used a telestrator to draw on the screen and highlight the subjects he discussed, a la “Monday Night Football.”

“I was familiar with what John Madden would do on ‘Monday Night Football,' and I said, ‘Hey, that's a fun tool to have while we sit there and watch the film go down in real-time,’ he said. “It was a nice tool to encourage me to talk more frankly and openly about the things I liked and the things I was not so happy about.”

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle streets Oct. 21.

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