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<I>Angel</I> Producer Sinks His Teeth Into DVD Set

28 Jan, 2003 By: Fred Topel

Three seasons of TV's “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” have enjoyed success on DVD, boding well for the spinoff show, “Angel,” streeting Feb. 11 at $59.98 from 20th Century Fox Home Enterainment.

Series executive producer David Greenwalt said he understands why boxed sets of TV series have become so popular in the DVD market.

“Well, it's really fun to own your own collection of the show,” Greenwalt said. “It's sort of like owning a movie, and then you get the interviews with people who created the show and people who have performed on the show, and you get to sometimes see outtakes.

“I think it was really HBO that started this ball rolling, or maybe it was ‘X-Files,' because they were so movie-like and they were such good stories, it worked. That was the first TV show I remember seeing in a video store and thinking, ‘Oh, yeah, I want to see that again on my own. I don't want to record a thing with commercials in it.’

When it came time for Greenwalt to record commentary on select episodes, he found the process to be a mixed bag of fun stories and uncomfortable silences.

“You can feel a little silly in these things,” he said. “You sort of run out of things to say, and also you remember, ‘Oh, OK, that [actor] wouldn't come out of her trailer that day.' You remember all the stuff that really isn't all that relevant to the show, like ‘I was really sick that day.' But when I did it, I was surprised I had a lot to say.”

There is no deleted footage presented on the Season One set, but Greenwalt predicts later seasons will supply more in the way of outtakes.

“Like in the ballet episode [from season three], there's a very funny sequence in which Wesley falls asleep and imagines that he's dancing with Amy Acker, who is a real ballerina,” he said. “It's very silly and it's very wonderful, and it was the reason [producer] Joss [Whedon] did the show. But then once we put the whole show together, he came around to seeing that it doesn't really belong in the show. Supposedly, that's going to go into the DVD. I think the more outtakes and extra footage, the better. If you've taken the time to get the DVD, I would think that's the stuff you want to see.”

The Angel: Season One set will include three featurettes of interviews with the creators of the show and its special effects.

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