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Housewife Speaks

12 Aug, 2006 By: Fred Topel

ôDesperate Housewivesö

Though fans and critics were harsh on the sophomore year of “Desperate Housewives,” star Eva Longoria said it showcased her finest work as an actress.

“I was really lucky this year,” she said. “I really felt that Gabrielle had the best storyline and the best story arc of all the characters.”

As the ladies of Wisteria Lane are back to work filming season three of their hit show, season two arrives on DVD ($59.99) Aug. 29 from Buena Vista Home Entertainment

“[Gabrielle] got to have the [seductress] nun, and at the end of the season, she got a new rival for the baby and loses the baby,” Longoria said about her character during second season. “She had amazing opportunities to show the funny side of kicking a nun's ass in a church to [crying] when she lost the baby and when the baby's taken away from her.”

Extras in the set include a deleted storyline with Teri Hatcher's character, an interview with the creator and his mother, and a salute to famous TV housewives. It also has bloopers, which Longoria expects will show her greatest fumbles.

“When [Ricardo] (Chavira as her husband) was in prison, we hadn't had sex in a long time because they wouldn't grant us our conjugal visit,” she said. “When they finally did, we had to run and tear off our clothes. They were like, ‘Just jump on him.' So I said ‘OK,' and we do it. I'm running, and I fall face first on the floor. You had to see it. It was so funny, and we couldn't stop laughing for an hour.”

Longoria also hopes the set will include a deleted “religious” moment with Gabrielle and Carlos.

“There's one of Carlos and I praying a really funny prayer,” she said. “We're not properly praying.”

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