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Home Media Retailing: A New Name and Look for VSM

14 Jan, 2005 By: Hive News

With a nod toward convergence and the growing digital nature of home entertainment, Video Store Magazine is changing its name to Home Media Retailing.

The change, which debuts with the Jan. 16, 2005 issue, coincides with a major redesign that comes on the heels of the weekly magazine's 25th anniversary as the leading business-to-business publication in the home entertainment arena.

“The new realities of the digital entertainment era in packaged media and other developing delivery systems have changed the way we look at the business,” says Don Rosenberg, Home Media Retailing's publisher. “Movies, music and video games are all being brought into the home in digital form, and the PC and consumer electronics industries are coming together to create convergent home media centers. We are no longer a nation of video rental stores, but rather a nation of media retailers that carry a full line of home entertainment.”

Video speciality retailers have embraced new opportunities in games, PVT sales and trading while exploring options to secure their place in the emerging digital entertainment environment. Mass merchants have expanded their home entertainment departments. The big electronics chains carry home entertainment hardware as well as software. Music stores have as many DVDs and games as they do CDs. Online cyber-sellers — and cyber-renters — are shipping huge quantities of DVDs, CDs and video games into homes around the world. And grocers, drugstores, convenience stores, and even toy and sporting goods stores are integrating home entertainment into their mix.

These are the retailers of today; these are the readers of Home Media Retailing.

Rosenberg notes that while the industry has changed significantly since the video rental store was king, Video Store Magazine consistently has kept pace with these changes and is now a “must read” for anyone involved in the manufacture, distribution and sale of home — or mobile — entertainment.

“Our new name simply reflects what we already are,” Rosenberg says. “As Home Media Retailing, we will continue to focus on packaged media in home video. We will continue to cover music DVD and video games. We will stay on top of next-generation formats and technologies, and also increase our coverage and research into new digital forms of delivery to help our readers, as well as our advertisers, chart their future.”

Home Media Retailing also will maintain and build on relationships with key consumer and trade media, from USA Today to The Hollywood Reporter, in providing data, analysis and perspective.

“What the evolving home media center is to the home, Home Media Retailing will be to our industry,” Rosenberg says.

Hive4media.com, Video Store Magazine's online business site, will similarly change its name to homemediaretailing.com and will be incorporating a compelling new look, exciting new features and cutting-edge applications aimed at both the trade and consumers.

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