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Hollywood Fare to Bow in Third Format

27 Nov, 2006 By: Erik Gruenwedel

New Medium Enterprises, a London-based technology company incorporated in the state of Nevada, Nov. 27 announced a list of Hollywood movies it claims will be released in January 2007 in Germany in HD VMD, a low cost high-definition optical disc format.

The titles include Hostage (Miramax), Wu-Jii: The Promise (Warner Home Video), Reefer Madness and Paparazzi (20th Century Fox Home Entertainment), Sleepy Hollow (Paramount Home Entertainment), Gospel of John Descent (Buena Vista Home Entertainment), Hitters (Hanover House), Shockwave (released in the U.S. as The Arrival) from Lionsgate, and Island of Beasts.

Release dates and price points were not immediately available. Wu-Jii will be released Dec. 19 on DVD in the U.S.

The movies are part of a previously announced deal between NME and German distributor VCL, whose 800-film library will be released in the new format.

NME also plans to release movies from India and China in HD VMD, which it claims is “the only affordable HD format.”

HD VMD is a 40GB red laser-based packaged media format that can be played on a standard DVD player or on a NME player scheduled for release at the same time for $175.

NME, which posted no revenues and a loss of $1.5 million in a June 30 financial report, claims to have perfected a commercially viable 2P process that can hold both HD DVD and Blu-ray formats and up to 50GB on a single disc.

“We are delighted with this venture with VCL as they have a large library as well as vision to pioneer the only affordable HD format,” said NME EVP Alexander Bolker-Hagerty, in a statement.

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