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HIVE EXCLUSIVE RESEARCH: ‘Hannibal’ Continues to Eat Up Rental, Sales Dollars

7 Sep, 2001 By: Melinda Saccone

MGM Home Entertainment’s Hannibal dominated at the rental counter as well as at sellthrough for the week ending Sept. 2.

For the second consecutive week Hannibal remained the No. 1 DVD selleraccording to VideoScan First Alert data, finishing ahead of newcomer Paramount Home Entertainment’s Forrest Gump Special Collector’s Edition.

Funi’s Dragonball series dominated the VHS market, grabbing four of the five top spots on VHS First Alert sales chart.

Meanwhile at the rental counter, Hannibal, in the No. 1 spot for thesecond consecutive week, earned an additional $14.3 million in VHS and DVD rental revenue. So far, the sequel to The Silence of the Lambs has earned $31.6 million in just two weeks of release. While the thrillerearned an impressive $17.4 million in its debut week, it wasn’t enough to oust 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s June release Cast Away as the No. 1 debut of all time with $17.9 million, or Warner Home Video’s 2000 release, The Green Mile (No. 2, $17.5 million). However, the $165.1million box office blockbuster tracks as the third best rental debut ofall time.

Consumer spending on VHS and DVD rentals for the week ending Sept. 2, which included the Labor Day weekend, declined a slight 1.3% from the previous week. Rental spending for the week registered $218.5 million, up 13.9% from the comparable week last year.

Historically, rental spending falls during the pre-Labor Day week as consumers enjoy the last long weekend of summer.

While VHS rental spending was down 3% to $180.3 million, DVDrentals jumped 8% from the previous week to $38.2 million. DVD rentals accounted for more than 17% of total weekly spending.So far this year consumers have spent $6.5 billion at the rental counter — up a healthy 7.8% from the $6.1 billion spent during thecomparable period last year.

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