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HIVE EXCLUSIVE: ‘Tron' Revival on Tap With DVD, Sequel, Game

27 Jul, 2001 By: John Gaudiosi

Twenty years after it introduced computer-generated imagery (CGI) to feature films, Disney is reviving Tron with a new video game, a 20th Anniversary DVD and a theatrical sequel.

Steven Lisberger, the creator of Tron, tells Video Store Magazine that he is working on a third draft of the sequel's script, after Richard Jeffries wrote a draft. Like the original film, Lisberger will blendlive action with CGI in the sequel.

“I have several characters that will be completely digital creations, but I'm not trying to replace actors,” says Lisberger. “I'd like the sequel to retain the artistic look of the original, while employing morecutting-edge technology and introducing a new cast of characters. We could do a movie that looks like the original today for $200,000.”

Lisberger has several ideas for Tron, which he believes could be revivedas a new franchise for Disney. He says the light cycles will definitelybe back.

“When we created Tron there were no PCs. We were looking at a possiblefuture,” says Lisberger. “I'd like to bring Tron into today's world andlook at how cyberspace will be 20 years from now, because it's still in its infancy.”

Since computer software is updated all the time, the actors in Tron wouldn't need to be consistent from film to film.“Tron's been updated and he could be completely different from when we saw him before,” says Lisberger.Consumers too young to experience the original film will see a 20th Anniversary DVD from Buena Vista Home Entertainment on store shelvesnext year.

“I recorded over four hours of commentary for the new Tron DVD, whichwill ship January 15, 20 years after it debuted theatrically,” saysLisberger. “The DVD will include the 30-second deleted love scene and an extensive documentary tracing the creation of this film, as well as other extras.”

Disney Interactive is readying a Tron PC video game for a 2003 release,according to sources close to the project, who hope a theatrical sequel will tie in to the release. The first-person perspective action game, which is being developed by Monolith, is expected to be the first‘Teen'-rated game for Disney's video game division.

The game is set within the Tron universe and will incorporate online gameplay. This Tron game is also expected to appear on Microsoft's Xbox video game system.

Tron is ripe for multiple video game franchises, since the movies are set within the video game arena,” says Lisberger. “You can see the vanishing point ahead with the advent of digital films and thedevelopment of digital video games with amazing graphics. Tron is theperfect synergy of these two worlds.”

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