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HIVE EXCLUSIVE: Director's ‘Blonde' Ambition -- Lots of Extras

13 Jul, 2001 By: Fred Topel

Legally Blonde director Robert Luketic already has a few ideas on hiswish list for DVD special features for the Reese Witherspoon comedy thatopened last weekend.

During an MGM-sponsored press junket for the film, Luketic said he has compiled deleted scenes and outtakes and has special plans for asupplementary audio track—one he hopes will be more interesting than the usual director's commentary.

“I just didn't want people listening to me for an hour and a half, so I've invited a lot of the heads of my department to participate on the DVD and Reese Witherspoon,” Luketicsaid. “We're sort of going to riff a little bit and talk about what it was like making the movie and share little anecdotes. I want to try andmake it sort of like a lounge experience more than just listening to the director going, ‘And here I remember we were running out of daylight at three o'clock. The sun was setting in the distance.’

Reese Witherspoon stars as a sorority girl who gets into law school and ends up trying a real criminal case. Along the way she meets professors and lawyers, some who help and others who hinder her. Thefate of one such corrupt lawyer, Callahan (Victor Garber) is left ambiguous in the film. But for viewers who want to see him get hiscomeuppance, they may get it with a DVD extended ending feature.

“In a different version of the ending, you see him storming out of the courtroom really angry and everybody laughing at him, but in the final version of the movie it just didn't make it,” Luketic said. “We decided there were other priorities that we wanted to tie up at the end there.

"It's a constant process of compromise and you tread such a fine line between what you keep in and what you don't keep,” he said.

Luketic counted on his fingers to arrive at the figure of eight total deleted scenes that could appear on the DVD. In addition, he hascompiled a special outtake reel that could possibly be included.

“There's what I call the Reese Witherspoon Y'all Reel,” Luketic joked. “She's from the South and when she makes a mistake she'll be like, ‘Y'all, can we cut?' She says she didn't realize how many times she saysit, but it's so sweet. When you see them all cut together it's like, ‘Y'all, y'all!' You can definitely see she's from Tennessee.”

Luketic does not mind reserving some content for DVD, because he feels it benefits the quality of the film as its own entity to leave some things out.

“I have really favorite scenes that by the very nature of the beast we had to cut out because they were repetitive,” Luketicexplained.

The release date for the DVD is not yet set and studio representatives say MGM has yet to officially determine which, if any, special features will appear once Legally Blonde is released on DVD.

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