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Hitachi Maxell Touts 200-Movie Disc

19 May, 2003 By: Hive News

Japanese electronics manufacturer Hitachi has developed technology to make DVDs that can store up to 200 movies and hopes to bring the technology to market in 2007, according to published reports.

The company developed the cutting-edge technology with Hitachi Maxell Ltd., a subsidiary specializing in audio and video tapes.

"We expect demand for a DVD with a bigger capacity and hope to market the product globally in the near future," Hitachi Ltd. spokesman Takeshi Kawakami told the AFP news service.

The technology involves stacking multiple data-storing layers to ensure accurate reading and writing of large amounts of data that can run up to 400 hours.

Conventional technologies so far allow up to two layers in a DVD while Hitachi's technology allows multiple layers.

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