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HDScape Offers Discounted BD for HD DVD Buyers

25 Feb, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

HDScape, whose high-def offerings include scenes of aquariums, fireplaces and beaches, is offering Blu-ray Discs at a reduced rate to customers who purchased titles in the HD DVD format.

“With the demise of HD [DVD], many of you will be transitioning to Blu-ray and we don't believe that it is fair to penalize you for buying the HD version,” the company wrote on its Web site. “At the same time, many of you value the HD DVD discs that you own and use the standard-definition side of the combo disc in standard DVD players, a feature that is not supported by Blu-ray at this time.”

HD DVD owners can keep their discs and receive a Blu-ray Disc of the same title just by sending in the paper case wrap of the HD DVD plus $12.94. The regular SRP for the titles is $24.95.

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