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HD DVD Premature With Spielberg Announce

7 Feb, 2007 By: Jessica Wolf

It looks like the HD DVD Promotions Group jumped the gun on a few big titles for the new format.

Included in a list of upcoming HD DVD titles posted Jan. 29 in the “Coming Soon” section of the group's Web site, www.hddvdprg.com. were three major Universal Studios Home Entertainment releases from director Steven Spielberg — Jaws, Jurassic Park and E.T.

But last week, after excited hubbub on fan and technology sites over the impending release of those coveted titles, HD DVD boosters realized the listings were a mistake and posted an apology letter to fans which reads:

“The inclusion in the Jan. 29 update of our ‘Coming Soon List; of three Steven Spielberg classics was an error on our part. The HD DVD Promotion Group expresses sincere apologies to Steven Spielberg, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and HD DVD fans for this mistake. We will endeavor to prevent any similar mistake and to provide accurate information.”

Universal is the lone studio to exclusively support the HD DVD format.

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