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HD DVD Heads to the Super Bowl

17 Jan, 2007 By: Jessica Wolf

The HD DVD camp is making a play for some prime high-def consumers — football fans.

The HD DVD Promotion Group's mobile tour of the new technology, the “HD DVD Mobile Experience,” which features an elaborate tour bus decked out with a theater and sound system to showcase the high-def format, will be parked in Miami for the Super Bowl, leading up to the big game Feb. 4.

In an online chat at the Home Theater Forum, HD DVD booster Kevin Collins told posters that is the place to showcase high-def.

“The Super Bowl is one of the premiere events that is done in high-def,” Collins said. “So much of the audience is aware of that. We hope to illustrate how those attended can take best advantage of their HDTV at home with HD DVD.”

The HD DVD group isn't the only one getting into the act for the big game.

BestBuy.com's lead Web page currently features a blue-shirted Best Buy staffer holding a football next to the tagline “HD Done Right: We Pledge to help you understand HD.” Plenty of football-themed photos and graphics scroll through the site linked to selections of HDTV sets.

Best Buy's weekly ad made the same “pledge” and also included such deals as an $800 instant savings on a 55-inch Hitachi 720p flat panel HDTV, bringing the price of the mammoth set to $2,499.

The same held true at competitor CircuitCity.com, with the lead graphic on that page a living room populated by a widescreen, flat panel TV featuring the image of a football game.

Circuit City's weekly mailer touted limited-time $200 instant savings on a Sony 46-inch 720p HD projection TV, dropping the set to $1,399 for this week only.

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