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Hawaiian Legend Buying Liberty International Entertainment

5 Dec, 2001 By: Hive News

Hawaiian Legend Inc. has announced an agreement to acquire Liberty International Entertainment Inc., a Nevada corporation.

International film and television distribution company Liberty distributes programming in more than 80 countries under exclusive licensing agreements to all broadcast outlets--TV networks, independent TV stations, cable companies, video, DVD and satellite facilities and in cyberspace.

Its film library includes motion pictures, documentaries, sports, specials, musicals, Spanish-language programming and award-winning children's animated television programs.

Liberty recently expanded its operations to include its own publishing, production, marketing and distribution division that licenses movies, concerts, animation and special event programming primarily for the home use market of audio and video devices: CD, VHS, audiocassette and DVD formats, a spokesperson said.

``This is a unique opportunity for Liberty and Hawaiian as Liberty has become a major global entertainment organization and with Hawaiian's acquisition of Liberty, both companies will have the opportunity to grow and expand their operations,'' Liberty president Randy Naft said.

To take advantage of the increasing worldwide demand for original programming, a spokesperson said, Liberty also expanded its operations into coproduction through its wholly owned subsidiary, Liberty Multimedia Inc.

Following the acquisition, Hawaiian Legend will change its name to Liberty International Entertainment Inc., a Delaware corporation.

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