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'Halo' Effect Hits Retail

28 Sep, 2007 By: John Latchem

Halo 3

Even with a good mix of DVD titles in the new-release slate last week, the big-box retailers focused most of their promotional efforts toward Microsoft's new Halo 3 video game for Xbox 360.

Huge displays touted such tie-ins as Halo-themed Xbox consoles and controllers, figurines, and even Mountain Dew in special Halo packaging.

On the downside, stacks of the deluxe edition of the game were piling up at customer service desks, returned because the discs were scratched.

On the DVD side of things, the Wal-Mart in Santa Ana, Calif., took out its TV DVD section and most of its TV DVD inventory; a clerk wasn't sure exactly why, or whether this was a trend for the chain or isolated to this one store.

Other Southern California Wal-Marts still displayed TV DVDs prominently, and calls to several Wal-Mart stores around the country found they did as well.

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