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Half Of U.S. Internet Users Have a Television and PC in the Same Room, Study Finds

17 Sep, 2002 By: Hive News

comScore Networks, Inc., an Internet behavioral measurement company, today reported that the lines between television and Internet media continue to blur, creating a major opportunity to reach consumers via simultaneous media delivery and interactivity.

According to comScore Media Metrix, a division of comScore Networks, 48 percent of Internet users regularly watch television and have a television and PC in the same room. This analysis - which includes U.S. persons age 18+ who used the Internet from a PC in the first quarter of 2002 - also determined that 47 percent are regular TV viewers but do not have a television and PC in the same room. The remaining 5 percent of Internet users report they do not watch television at all.

Among the 45.1 million wired adults that have television and PC in the same room, nearly half (47 percent) reported they frequently use the Internet while watching television, 29 percent reported occasionally, 18 percent reported rarely and only 5 percent reported never doing so.

"This study is a wake-up call for media companies, as it reveals a startling connection between television and the Internet," said Peter Daboll, division president of comScore Media Metrix. "The opportunity to deliver integrated programming and promotions is clearer than ever. These findings are a benchmark to help companies develop stronger relationships between visitors, viewers and customers.

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