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H-E-B Drops EZ-D

30 Jan, 2004 By: Holly J. Wagner

H-E-B Grocery Co. has decided not to continue offering the disposable EZ-D discs that Buena Vista Home Entertainment has been testing in four U.S. markets.

“The main reason for it was because sales on the EZ-Ds were very slow. They were limited titles and a fairly high price point. In addition to that, we felt like we had put together a good program for people to return them to us, but still there were concerns about the environment,” said H-E-B spokeswoman Kate Rogers. The chain has about 300 stores in Texas and Mexico; about 25 stores in the Austin area were involved in the EZ-D test.

The announcement cheered leaders of Texas Campaign for the Environment, which had opposed the product, saying it generates unnecessary waste.

”Our test markets have given us keen insight into market variables for EZ-D. One of our key findings is that product viability varies dramatically with retail channels and accounts,” a Buena Vista spokesman said. “We have had several channels where the product velocity has been very impressive and as a result those accounts are extremely enthusiastic about our future plans. However not every account across every channel experiences the same results.” A representative for Flexplay Technologies, which makes the discs, did not respond by press time.

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