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Guillermo del Toro Talks High-definition

12 Nov, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Guillermo del Toro knows his high-definition.

The director of the “Hellboy” films and Pan’s Labyrinth speaks easily and authoritatively about bit rates, audio codecs, storage capacity and BD Live. Maybe that’s why he seems so comfortable taking part in a Blu-ray Disc first.

On Nov. 23 del Toro will chat via BD Live with fans while they watch the Blu-ray of Hellboy II, a first for the format, and he seems genuinely excited about the opportunity.

“It will be like having a living commentary,” he said Nov. 11 at a launch party for the Blu-ray of the movie. “Blu-ray is a very young format, and there is a very real opportunity online … not to educate, that’s a very patronizing word, but to experience.”

The director said he was a fan of Blu-ray from day one, and said he thinks the PlayStation 3 is still the best Blu-ray player available.

“I really think the stuff I do was expected to be on this format,” he said.

Hilary J. Hoffman, SVP of brand and digital marketing for Universal Studios Home Entertainment, said del Toro worked harder than most on creating and supervising the extras for the Blu-ray.

“Guillermo’s participation in the making of this Blu-ray went far beyond the creation of the movie,” she said. “Like he said, he loves the format. He said he sees this as an archive of his movie visually coming to life. He loves the technology and all the possibilities it provides.”

Exclusive to the two-disc Blu-ray, and in addition to the dozens of special features available on the single- and three-disc DVD versions, are a special introduction from del Toro, a My Chat feature, a sneak peek of the upcoming Wanted release, a My Scenes sharing option, a Comic Book Builder (“You can make it as obscene as you want, and e-mail it to your enemies,” del Toro said), U-Control, the in-movie feature that allows for storyboard and animatic options, a Director’s Notebook option that allows viewers to see del Toro’s original journal and how it evolved into film, set visits and a comic-book back story interactive option.

“The content never looked better,” del Toro said of the Blu-ray picture. When the crowd at the Universal event applauded the Blu-ray features, del Toro said, “Thank you. I did it all.”

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