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Growth, Value and Balance Priorities for 2002 -- Part 8

28 Jan, 2002 By: Thomas K. Arnold

If you could offer your colleagues one piece of advice, going forward into the new year, and at the same time adopt a motto for yourself, what would it be?

Amodei: Live long and prosper!

Andersen: It is never too early to prepare for the future.

Blanken: Think outside the box—way outside the box—and listen more than you speak, because you have a better chance to learn something new from words of others than from your own.

Chapek: Think long-term, not just for today.

Fink: Don't muck up a great opportunity.

Kornblau: Consumers are passionate about the DVD format and the entertainment experience it affords them. The added-value content, special features and bonus materials unique to DVD attain a whole new level of entertainment for the consumer. So my advice would be to focus on content and the consumers' entertainment experience as an integral part of DVD and not on positioning it as a low-priced commodity.

Malugen: Home video is going to be around a long, long time. Full speed ahead.

Pagano: Like in any other year the key is to learn more about your customers and their preferences. Those early reads are the mile markers as to what course to pursue.

Scavelli: My motto is simple: We are all capitalists, and we are all in the same business—studios, distributors and retailers. Together, we are all winners if we stick together and work together. My motto for 2002, as it has always been, is "Be one and prosper," with all due respect for Mr. Spock.

Sooter: Don't abandon VHS.

Thomas: I would advise my competitors to keep up the good work. As far as mottos are concerned, I've always said, "A fool and his motto are soon parted."

Thrasher: Tolerance.

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