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Group Works to Further Broadband Entertainment Penetration

1 Apr, 2002 By: Hive News

For those who think on-demand entertainment over broadband connections is somewhere in the distant future, the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HomePNA) is counting on making that future a reality.

HomePNA phoneline networking connects entertainment devices with existing equipment like DVD players, digital video recorders (DVRs), set-top boxes, graphics processors, digital cameras and digital audio receivers (DARs), deliver video-on-demand, streaming video and audio and enable content sharing across different devices in the home including PCs and televisions.

‘In our market trials, we are finding that bringing new entertainment services – like digital music and multi-TV personalized video recording – to existing devices in the home is a key differentiator for cable service providers," said Tom Buttermore, president and COO at Ucentric Systems. "HomePNA enables our technology to leverage existing in-home infrastructure to deliver these new entertainment services throughout the home, which ultimately results in convenience and simplicity for consumers."

HomePNA-enabled devices let users simultaneously check e-mail, browse the Web and listen to digital music playing in another room without interfering with regular telephone services, using high-speed Internet connections.

"As home networking reaches beyond the home office, consumers are looking for similar mobility of content in the entertainment environment by extending the functionality of their existing consumer electronics devices," said Dominic Ainscough, Consumer Technologies and Services analyst at the Yankee Group. "Consumer electronics manufacturers continue to support HomePNA phoneline technology as a low cost, ‘no new wires' alternative for sharing multimedia video and data across a home network."

Reinforcing ability to enable sharing of content-rich applications in homes with broadband access, Escient Convergence, Kenwood, NVIDIA, SONICblue, Ucentric Systems and Turtle Beach, have recently announced new entertainment products that can utilize high-speed HomePNA phoneline networking technology to distribute digital audio and video content throughout the connected home.

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