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Gore Wins Nobel, 'Truth' Feels Legal Heat

19 Oct, 2007 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Paramount Home Entertainment said it has no plans to re-release An Inconvenient Truth on DVD following the recent Nobel Peace Prize win by former Vice President Al Gore.

The 2006 film hosted by Gore outlines the qualitative effects of mankind's negative contributions to global climate change.

Paramount spokesperson Brenda Ciccone said the award-winning documentary was just released in March and Paramount has no plans to repackage or rerelease it.

The film has been a lightning rod for criticism from largely conservative opponents of the former presidential candidate who have questioned the film's scientific evidence, Gore's personal energy use and the existence of global warming.

Earlier this month, a British High Court reportedly ruled that secondary school educators wishing to air the DVD in their classroom had to preface it with a disclaimer stating the film amounted to a one-sided view of the debate on global warming.

The court ruled after the British government reportedly decided to distribute the film to all secondary schools, despite objections from some parents.

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