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Google to Screen for Piracy with Audio Fingerprint Technology

23 Feb, 2007 By: Jessica Wolf

Google seems to have heard the message from intellectual property owners and has a scheme to thwart postings of unauthorized, pirated content on trendy video site Youtube.com.

According to a story in the San Jose Mercury News, Google is teaming with its neighbor in the Silicon Valley, Audible Magic, to include a filter on its video services, which would compare the audio fingerprint of uploaded video to a database of copyrighted content, identifying pirated versions.

Audible Magic produces the patented CopySense technology, which tracks specific audio fingerprints from such sources as TV and radio analog broadcasts, Internet and satellite streams, stored digital files and network transfers. The company claims to have the largest database of audio fingerprints of its kind, exceeding 5 million works of copyrighted material.

Both the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America are Audible Magic boosters. The company was cited as an effective filtering technology in the landmark Grokster case two years ago.

Reports of the Google partnership comes shortly after pure play content company Viacom Inc., hammered Google and its user-generated video site Youtube for the scads of videos from MTV Networks and Paramount Pictures programming that was available for free viewing on the site.

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