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GoodTimes Pumps Up Its Exercise Lineup With 'The Firm'

8 Nov, 2001 By: Jessica Wolf

Goodtimes Home Entertainment, already firmly ensconced in the fitness industry with the popular Richard Simmons video and product line, is further solidifying the company's genre share with a recent acquisition of “The Firm” fitness series.

Goodtimes also has plans to revamp some Simmons product and pump a successful infomercial title, Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds, into the market.

Getting both catalog and future production rights to “The Firm” titles is an exciting new direction for the company, says Goodtimes president Bill Sondheim.The Firm approached his company as its deal ended with Artisan Home Entertainment because Goodtimes not only has a reputation in the fitness market, Sondheim says, but also expertise in the infomercial business.

“One of the things that made it [‘The Firm' series] so incredibly successful was, when BMG had the rights to it, there was a limited time that Time Life also had an infomercial running and sales exploded,” Sondheim says. “'The Firm' sales were never as strong as when the infomercial was running.”

Goodtimes has created a new “The Firm” infomercial that will launch along with a $15 million television advertising campaign in December and move into heavy flight in January.

“The Firm” will help take Goodtimes fitness to a new level, Sondheim says. “It's known as one of the toughest, most rigorous, results-oriented products in the market,” he says. “We already have, with Richard Simmons, a lot of more specialty type weight-loss fitness titles, but until now we really didn't have something for the core fitness, day-in-day-out user.”

Goodtimes will launch 16 repackaged and repriced “Firm” titles along with four previously unreleased titles; Cardio Split, Total Body Shaping Mix, Super Sculpting and Super Cardio. All new “The Firm” releases street Dec. 4.

Future plans for the line also include developing licensed Firm merchandise, Sondheim says, like logoed weights and equipment, leotards and warmup suits. Goodtimes also acquired all licensing and merchandising rights to “The Firm.”

Goodtimes is also introducing recent the infomercial hit Walk Away the Pounds to retail in the coming fitness-focused first-quarter.

Walk Away the Pounds has become the most successful infomercial product we have ever done in the fitness area outside the normal fitness time frame,” Sondheim says. “May through October is considered dead time for fitness, but we sold over 500,000 three-video sets in one six-month period during that time frame.”

The ever-present Richard Simmons is also getting a new infomercial, new packaging and a pricing boost from Goodtimes. Sondheim says the company is looking to “restimulate consumer interest in new and existing Richard Simmons titles and will follow up with more titles in March and April.

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