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'Good Night' Tops Warner HD Waves

2 Aug, 2006 By: John Latchem

Warner Home Video has announced its next wave of HD DVD titles will street Aug. 22.

The John Wayne classic The Searchers and the cult-favorite golf comedy Caddyshack will be released in the HD DVD format at $28.99 each.

The George Clooney-directed Oscar nominee Good Night, and Good Luck will be released as an HD DVD/DVD combo disc at $39.99.

All bonus materials from the standard-DVD versions will be included with the HD DVD version.

Meanwhile, Warner also has released its first titles in the Blu-ray Disc format, becoming the first major studio with products for both rival HD formats on the market.

Aug. 1 saw the release of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Training Day, Rumor Has It… and Good Night, and Good Luck for Blu-ray.

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