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Goldhil Putting Muscle Behind Fitness Stars

10 Oct, 2005 By: Jessica Wolf

With Goldhil Entertainment under new management, the company is taking a different approach to its established “Natural Journeys” fitness line.

The company is toning up releases and honing marketing campaigns to focus more heavily on the professionals the programs feature, said Sabine Anderson, Goldhil fitness product manager.

“There's still tremendous brand equity with the ‘Natural Journeys' name, and we are not abandoning that,” Anderson said. “When we focus on the artist, it really goes a long way.”

Goldhil boasts a healthy catalog of one of the hottest fitness trends: bellydancing. The company is focusing on targeted campaigns for bellydance artist Suhaila, who is featured in a four-disc series that pairs bellydance techniques with four other types of workouts: yoga, Pilates, jazz dance and buns toning.

Goldhil in August also released Dance Fitness for Beginners: Daily Quickies 10-Minute Workouts.

Another star on the Goldhil roster is Leisa Hart, with a series of four “sexy” workouts: Sexy Abs With Leisa Hart, Sexy Legs With Leisa Hart, and two new installments that streeted in August: Sexy Arms and Sexy Buns.

“We're stepping up consumer advertising with a specific focus on the artists and partnering with retail for specific promotions, which is something Goldhil historically hasn't done,” Anderson said.

Goldhil has trimmed its slate, planning half a dozen titles a year, she said.

“That was one of the problems,” Anderson said. “We would come out with too many titles at one time — way too many for retailers to deal with.”

It is crowded, but there is still plenty of room for fitness product on store shelves, she said.

“We are seeing new placement and growth in this category,” Anderson said. It was a sellthrough category staple long before feature films.

“Fitness doesn't go away,” she added. “The public still wants fitness programming. We're seeing reorders, and that tells the tale.”

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