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Goldhil Delays High-Def 'Chronos'

19 Apr, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

HD DVD has arrived, but without one of its earliest boosters — the Imax film Chronos from Goldhil Home Entertainment.

Goldhil originally announced it would have the HD DVD version on retail shelves March 14 — well before the April 18 launch of HD DVD players from Toshiba and selected titles from Warner Home Video and Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

But now, the supplier is holding off from this month's soft high-def kickoff and pushing the title to May.

“We are producing what we think will be the most advanced and best-looking HD DVD on the market, bar none, utilizing all HD DVD features that benefit the audience,” said a Goldhil spokesperson. “This product will really be a benchmark for the format, but as a result, is taking a bit longer.”

Chronos also will arrive on Blu-ray, but that version will arrive even later, according to Goldhil.

The supplier premiered a high-def demo of Chronos in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“The title will be a knockout once it hits streets,” a Goldhil spokesperson predicted.

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