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Goldhil in Deal With T.D. Jakes

27 Apr, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

T.D. Jakes

Goldhil Entertainment is energizing the inspirational market with a deal to release four DVDs from superstar evangelist T.D. Jakes.

The first installment will street on or around Sept. 26, with the rest of the set following in the fourth quarter, said Mark Gilula, SVP of acquisitions for Goldhil.

The first three releases are It's Under My Feet, Living With Restriction and It Will All Come Out In The Fire. The fourth is to-be-announced.

All will feature Bishop Jakes preaching in his unique, exciting style at The Potter's House of Dallas, Inc., which is one of the fastest-growing churches in America with a 30,000-plus-congregation.

Goldhil is working with The Potter's House to create bonus features for the coming DVDs.

It's a great time to release Jakes sermons into the inspirational DVD market, Gilula said.

The preacher, who's been called the next Billy Graham, wrote the religious-themed novel Woman, Thou Art Loosed, which was made into a film and distributed theatrically in 2004 by 20th Century Fox. Woman, Thou Art Loosed earned $6 million in theaters and has sold a million units on DVD since its March 2005 release, Gilula noted.

And this month Jakes signed a three-year production and distribution deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment for theatrical releases and DVD exclusives created by Jakes production company, TDJ Enterprises.

Goldhil will have exclusive rights to the aforementioned releases.

“The timing is great; [Jakes and The Potter House] are looking to broaden their message; they were looking for a partner to take them to mass retail and expand their distribution and we have the expertise in that,” Gilula said.

Jakes, who's also a Grammy-winning Gospel artist, is not only a spiritual guide, he's a true showman. His sermons are entertaining performances in their own right, Gilula said.

Goldhil also already has strong ties in the Christian bookstore market, for which these titles are ideal, but the supplier fully expects DVD purveyors across the board to wholeheartedly get behind these wholesome, inspirational and family-themed releases, Gilula said.

“It will be very popular in the rental market, and the Wal-Mart and Target, Best Buy, all those kind of retailers will find this will be very impactful too,” he said.

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