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Goldhil Courts Home Theater Shoppers

4 Oct, 2005 By: Jessica Wolf


Goldhil Entertainment thinks it has the perfect lineup to showcase home theater systems, and the supplier plans to promote its “Ultimate DVD Collection” to home theater shoppers.

The collection includes Animusic, the computer-animated orchestra of instruments that play themselves to a soundtrack of jazz, rock and new-age music, and Chronos, the large-format Imax film featuring time-lapse photography of such settings as Stonehenge, the Grand Canyon, New York and Paris. Illuminated Manuscripts features high-tech dreamscapes and special effects set to an ambient electronica soundtrack, and The Ultimate DVD helps consumers calibrate their home theater sound and visual settings.

At the end of the month, Goldhil is sending out 3,000 specially designed screeners that contain these four programs on one disc — making it easy to play on a loop. The mailing will go to home theater department managers at retailers such as Fry's Electronics, Best Buy, Circuit City and Radio Shack. Goldhil also is prepping a special flyer describing the programs and offering suggestions for their use.

The first three titles have that wow factor that home theater electronics sellers can use to promote hardware sales, said Bill Perrault, SVP of marketing for Goldhil. It's easy for eclectic titles like the ones in this collection to fall through the cracks of crowded DVD sections, Perrault said.

Goldhil is repromoting the titles Oct. 11 at $19.98 each. They will not be available as a boxed set. Executives hope home theater department workers will get excited about these titles and send hardware buyers over to the DVD section to pick up the discs as part of the sale, Perrault said.

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