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'Godfather' Trilogy to Hit Blu-ray

30 Jun, 2008 By: Thomas K. Arnold

The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration Collection

All three “Godfather” movies are coming to Blu-ray Disc Sept. 23, just two years after the format launched. That's twice as fast as it took Paramount Home Entertainment to release the acclaimed trilogy on DVD.

Both The Godfather and The Godfather, Part II underwent extensive frame-by-frame digital restoration that took more than a year to complete and was personally overseen by director Francis Ford Coppola. In addition to those two films, The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration Collection includes a newly remastered version of The Godfather, Part III.

The four-disc Blu-ray collection includes an array of new special features, from five documentaries (also presented in high-definition) to a “Godfather” family tree, crime organization chart and four short films on the trilogy. The new extras will be on the fourth disc, along with all the special features included on the trilogy's initial 2001 DVD release.

The “Godfather” films also will be available on standard DVD as The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration DVD Collection, with five discs — including one with the old special features and another with the new.

The five documentaries include “Emulsional Rescue — Revealing the Godfather,” which explores the complexities of the restoration process, supervised by the Film Preserve's Robert Harris (whose credits include Lawrence of Arabia, Spartacus and Vertigo). “The Masterpiece That Almost Wasn't” takes viewers back to when the first film was in the planning stages, with an unknown director and an unwanted cast, through interviews with most of the living players and many of the film's admirers. “Godfather World” and “…when the shooting stopped” take a look at the trilogy's influence on popular culture, while “The Godfather on the Red Carpet” recounts the films' Oscar moments (the original Godfather won three Academy Awards, including best picture, and was nominated for eight more).

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