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Gen Y Likes Web TV

13 Mar, 2008 By: Billy Gil

A study from Knowledge Networks, which conducts research through an Internet panel, shows younger viewers are more likely to watch TV online, as well as give greater consideration to purchasing products advertised on Web TV.

The study surveyed 2,209 Internet users and showed 33% of Generation Y (ages 13-28) respondents use official TV program Web sites, compared to 27% of Generation X (ages 29-42) respondents and 19% of early Baby Boomers (ages 43-54). Gen Y users were more likely (62%) to watch entire episodes online, compared to 41% of Gen X users and 32% of younger Baby Boomers.

All generations surveyed said sponsorship of an entire program by one brand would increase their inclination to buy that brand (Gen Y, 60%; Gen X, 50%; early Boomers, 44%), while early Boomers were more likely (42%) to watch advertisements played during or before viewing of streaming video than Gen X (32%) or Gen Y (29%).

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