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Funimation Top Anime Supplier

21 Feb, 2007 By: Jessica Wolf

Navarre Corp.'s Funimation Entertainment is holding steady at the top of the anime supplier heap.

For the sixth year, the company — with a catalog of DVD titles from such series as “Dragonball Z,” “Fullmetal Alchemist,” “Trinity Blood,” “Negima,” “Gunslinger Girl,” “Full Metal Panic!” and “The Second Raid” — topped DVD sales market share in the genre at 23.2%, according to Nielsen VideoScan data.

That's nearly double the closest anime competitor ADV Films, which at No. 2 grabbed 12.6% of sales in the genre. Rounding out the top five anime suppliers last year were Geneon (11.1%), Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (9.3%) and Viz Media (9.2%).

Funimation has garnered more than 20% of the vibrant anime sales market since 2000, peaking in 2002 with a 38.3% share.

“We knew when we started this company that our commitment to quality over quantity would put us into the leadership position in the United States,” said Gen Fukunaga, president and CEO of FUNimation Entertainment. “We have achieved this honored position through the hard work of all the employees of Funimation and with the help of all of our great business partners in Japan.”

This year, the supplier plans to keep the ball rolling with more DVD releases from such new series as “Afro Samurai,” “Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles,” “Witchblade,” “School Rumble,” “Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles” and new releases from franchise titles such as “Dragonball Z” and “Fullmetal Alchemist.”

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