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Fox Wraps Shooting on 'Joy Ride 2'

26 Nov, 2007 By: Billy Gil

When we last left Rusty Nail, the mysterious truck-driving killer of Joy Ride, he had escaped from the police and was driving through the night, plotting to strike again. That set up calls for a sequel.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has responded with Joy Ride 2, a direct-to-video sequel to the 2001 film that starred Steve Zahn, Paul Walker and Leelee Sobieski. Joy Ride 2 has just wrapped filming near Vancouver, Canada, and the DVD will come out in fall 2008.

“In sort of reviewing what we believed fans wanted, we wanted to explore the Rusty Nail character,” said Tom Siegrist, VP of production, home entertainment, who developed the project in-house and oversaw production on the film. “In the first film, it was a great suspense thriller where you don't really get a sense of who the killer is. We delve a little more into his psyche [in Joy Ride 2].”

The film, directed by Louis Morneau (The Hitcher II) and based on the script by Bennett Yellin and James Robert Johnston, follows two couples driving to Las Vegas who take a car from a seemingly abandoned ranch house when theirs breaks down in the desert of Utah (filmed entirely in sagebrush-lined deserts east of Vancouver). The theft makes them a target for Rusty Nail, who kidnaps a member of their group and hunts them in his truck.

Siegrist said the film's terrific special effects could lead to making-of featurettes for the DVD, although special features beyond interviews have yet to be announced.

The cast is made up of up-and-comers with TV backgrounds, such as Nick Zano (“What I Like About You”), Nicki Aycox (“Supernatural,” Jeepers Creepers 2), Kyle Schmid (The Covenant, Lifetime series “Blood Ties”) and Laura Jordan (Thr3e).

“Nicki Aycox is a terrific actress, and we really felt like she could handle the load of carrying the movie,” Siegrist said. “Nick Zano is sort of up and coming, and a lot of casting directors are big fans of his. He was just coming off a comedy (College, for Lionsgate), and this gave him a chance to play something different.”

Siegrist said the “road horror” genre is fertile and that there's a chance for yet another Joy Ride sequel. In the meantime, Fox has slated more DTV sequels, such as Lake Placid 2 (streeting Jan. 29) and Dr. Doolittle 4 (Q1 2008), while production has started on another DTV sequel to Behind Enemy Lines.

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