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Fox to Release Oscar Sets

17 Jan, 2008 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Every year, it seems, one studio takes the cake when it comes to promoting past Oscar winners on DVD to coincide with the current round of Oscar buzz.

And this year the envelope, please, goes to 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and MGM Home Entertainment, which have assembled an ambitious catalog campaign consisting of five DVD collections, three of them brand new, that showcase past best picture, best actor and best actress winners from 20th Century Fox, MGM and United Artists.

All five sets are available Tuesday (Jan. 22).

The three new sets, each with five films apiece, showcase best picture, best actor and best actress winners from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

The Fox best pictures set includes The French Connection (1972 Academy Awards ceremony), The Sound of Music (1966), All About Eve (1951), Gentleman's Agreement (1948) and How Green Was My Valley (1942).

The Fox best actors collection contains Wall Street, Patton, Harry & Tonto, The King and I and In Old Arizona. Memorable performances include Michael Douglas as ruthless corporate raider Gordon Gecko in Wall Street and George C. Scott as the stern, commanding General George S. Patton in Patton.

And the Fox best actresses collection comes with Anastasia, The Three Faces of Eve, Boys Don't Cry, Norma Rae and Walk the Line. This set highlights the most acclaimed performances by Ingrid Bergman, Joanne Woodward, Hilary Swank, Sally Field and Reese Witherspoon over a 50-year span, from 1956 through 2005.

Steve Feldstein, senior VP of marketing and corporate communications for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, said the Academy Awards offer DVD distributors “the unique opportunity to present the many brilliant films and performances of the past 80 years” that reside in their respective film libraries.

“It really is the perfect time to refresh the memories of film fans everywhere and at the same time expose new audiences to many of Hollywood's treasures, both classic and contemporary,” Feldstein said.

The three new five-disc sets join two four-disc collections that have been previously released. Both of them, however, are being heavily repromoted by Fox in time for the Oscars. The MGM Best Picture Modern Gift Set includes recent best picture winners Silence of the Lambs (1992), Dances With Wolves (1991), Platoon (1987) and Rocky (1977). The UA Best Picture Classic Gift Set comes with The Apartment (1961), Marty (1956), Tom Jones (1964) and West Side Story (1962).

To further capitalize on Oscar fever, 20th Century Fox is adding more past winners to its Oscar collection, in special gold packaging with a prominent “O.”

Among them: The Last King of Scotland, which earned star Forest Whitaker a best picture Oscar in last year's race, as well as Moonstruck, Moulin Rouge, Aliens, Hello, Dolly! and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

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