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Fox Re-ups with Macrovision

7 Feb, 2002 By: Hive News

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has renewed its video copy protection deal with Macrovision Corp. in a multiyear agreement.

"20th Century Fox has always been a strong proponent of intellectual property protection. By renewing and extending their contract with us, they are making a substantial commitment to content protection," said Carol Flaherty, VP of Macrovision's Video Technology Division. "Copyright laws are being updated around the world to deal with the risks of copying digital media. Video retailers, hardware companies and legislators oftentimes question the resolve of content owners to protect their intellectual property. 20th Century Fox is sending a very clear message that they value their content and are using the best available technology to protect it."

Macrovision's copy protection is designed to prevent unauthorized VCR copying of VHS, DVD and PPV/VOD programming. Macrovision introduced its DVD copy protection in 199 and says it is used on more than 75 percent of all DVDs distributed by most Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) studios, as well as corporate, educational and special interest rights owners. More than 800 million DVDs, 3 billion videocassettes, and 75 million digital set-top boxes have Macrovision's video copy protection technologies.

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