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Fox Gets Bratz Movie Rights

12 Feb, 2004 By: Holly J. Wagner

20th Century Fox will bring diva dolls The Bratz to the big and small screens under a new licensing deal with MGA Entertainment.

“Bratz are a worldwide lifestyle phenomenon that appeals to girls of all ages. We decided to do the movie with Fox because of the passion Fox executives showed for the property, as well as Fox's worldwide reach and commitment in all forms of media including motion pictures, television and home video,” said Isaac Larian, founder, chairman and CEO of MGA Entertainment.

A direct-to-video title, Bratz: The Video!, is expected on DVD and VHS in the third quarter, although the storyline and other details of the feature are not yet available. MGA is also working with Fox on a feature film starring the characters that is expected to debut next year.

“The Bratz dolls are a true phenomenon that has taken the toy/doll industry by storm. They are more than just toys, they reflect the cultural diversity and contemporary style that kids relate to,” said Jim Gianopulos, chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment. “That kind of success and impact on young people make the property a natural as a major motion picture and we look forward to turning the Bratz figures into major motion picture stars.”

“Our dolls have always been known not only for their fashion style but for their animated style,” an MGA spokesman said. “An animated property is pretty much a natural fit.”

The phenomenally popular fashion dolls are part of a full press to compete with Barbie and other popular toy/DVD pairings.

“We have been in production on this for over a year,” an MGA spokesman said. “We are working with Cinegroup in Montreal on the animation. A lot of people here at MGA really contributed to casting and to story development.”

Along with the dolls and other toys, the Bratz have a branded line of personal electronics. No word on whether a DVD player will join the other items when the DTV title becomes available.

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