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Fourth Annual VIAAC Awards Honor Industry's Own Heroes

21 Sep, 2001 By: Stephanie Prange

HIVE PHOTO: VIAAC honoree Don Rosenberg and presenter Kimbirly Orr accepted a Visionary Award for Steve Scavelli, president of Flash Distributors, who assisted rescuers at ground zero after the World Trade Center attacks. Both wore New York City Fire Department hats to honor victims and rescue workers. Scavelli opted not to attend to support fellow New Yorkers in their time of need.

Discussion of FBI bomb warnings to studios and video industry veterans touched by the World Trade Center attack circulated amid plaudits for the Video Industry AIDS Action Committee Visionary Award winners last night.

One studio source said the FBI warned the studios that the terrorists' next targets, after hitting financial and military symbols in the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, were the studios, symbols of American culture. He said his studio had meetings yesterday to relay the threats and that studio security had been strengthened.

Another said the message of the threats was delivered via a memo and employees were told they could skip work today.

The Visionary Awards themselves showed evidence of the attacks as honoree Steve Scavelli, who was at ground zero immediately after the World Trade Center collapse, could not be in Los Angeles to receive his award. The Flash Distributors president opted to stay with his fellow New Yorkers in their time of need. Video Store Magazine publisher Don Rosenberg and group sales director Kimbirly Orr donned New York Fire Department hats and held up messages posted in the city after the attack in announcing Scavelli's award.

Video Store Magazine editorial director Bruce Apar, scheduled to introduce honoree Rosenberg, also could not attend due to airline scheduling. Orr delivered a speech he authored in giving Rosenberg his award.

Other honorees were Ben Feingold (Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment), Eileen Fitzpatrick (Billboard), Shane Rasmussen (Buena Vista Pictures Distributon) and UCLA AIDS Institute.

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