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Former Blockbuster Exec Shepherds Online DVD Trading Site

16 Mar, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

A former Blockbuster exec is heating up the online market for DVD.

Dave Perkovich, formerly Blockbuster's VP of online subscription services, is kicking off Moviebandits.com, a site dedicated to trading new and used DVDs.

Perkovich helped launch Blockbuster's online rental service.

"Everyone knows about renting DVDs online and getting them in the mail,” he said. “But people still like to own their own copies. As a result, there are an enormous amount of unwatched DVDs in people's homes. Now, you can make use of those titles by trading with us for new titles."

With more than 250,000 DVDs in its McKinney, Texas, warehouse, MovieBandits.com offers its customers direct "business to consumer" trading unlike "peer-based" trading services like eBay or Amazon auctions.

DVDs purchased via MovieBandits.com will be screened, cleaned, and sometimes repaired before customers receive them.

"It's a more traditional brick-and-mortar approach to a totally new 'e-concept," Perkovich said. "We can control quality and provide customers a truly excellent service.”

MovieBandits.com has been in Beta testing since January, already has nearly 10,000 registered customers and expects to reach an average of 5,000 trades per month by May 2006.

MovieBandits.com executives developed their own proprietary administration system to track customer information, inventory, and orders. The system is web-based and streamlines the entire order management process — which ultimately increases order fulfillment capacity and lowers labor costs.

MovieBandits.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Informec, Inc. (a Texas-based corporation).

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